I really love coming in and playing - my child is so proud to show me what he does at pre-school. I know that he enjoys his time at pre-school but seeing his happiness first hand is lovely. He seems to have lots of friends. Looking forward to next time, thanks for having me.

I had a great time at stay and play - lovely to see how my child plays and interacts with all her friends. Great to see so many activities for the children too!

I love stay and plays. A great chance to watch my child in a different environment, playing and interacting with his friends and teachers. Thank you for inviting us parents. 

Great chance to see how the pre school runs and how the routine goes. love to see how my child acts with her friends and a chance to meet some of them. Many thanks

Lovely opportunity to see the children in their pre-school setting, enjoying the activities, mixing with their friends and teachers. I can see my child is very proud to show me things and tell me whats going on! Thank you!

Really enjoyed stay and ply to see what my child gets up to and he really seems to enjoy.

I really enjoyed stay and play it's great to see both of my children playing independently.

Really enjoy the stay and play sessions, it's nice to see what my child gets up to at pre school and all the activities she enjoys. 

My child loves coming to pre school and its easy to see why. Great range of activities, a very friendly atmosphere and everything seems surprisingly well organised and non-chaotic, unlike our home when the kids are around. Awesome!

Lovely to see how my child interacts with other children. Very impressed at the various range of activities and the attention you give to organisation and security. Thank you

A wonderful chance to see how my child has settled in and developed at pre school. It's lovely to hear the correct word to the morning songs and see the actions. I found it interesting to see what activities my child wanted to do and how she has moved on once she had finished. Abacus is a lovely setting that is very friendly and a happy place to be.

I really enjoyed stay and play session. My child introduced me to her friends and showed me all the toys she plays with. It was good fun playing with my child and her friends. She made tea and something to eat as well served in a plate. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. 

Really interesting to see my child and how he is in pre school setting and meeting the staff, hopefully it'll help him settle in a bit more, was good fun. 

I have really enjoyed stay and play with my son. It was interesting seeing him in a social setting and observe how he interacts with other children and adults. His fascination with water and power rangers is something that has kept him bust all hour long. Stay and play is a very good idea and I would love to do it again very soon. My child seems truly happy here and at ease with everyone.

Really nice to spend time with my children and see how they are playing with other children! They are always so happy to come/be here lovely to see how much they get up to!

Really nice to see how my child plays with other children and what his favourite things are in pre school. Good to see he loves it at abacus.

My first stay ad play with my child, brilliant to see how her day goes. So much fun, great selection of activities for the children to play with.

My little boy absolutely adores Abacus, he has so much lovely things to say about his teachers and has made many friends which he loves to talk about. He is quite a shy boy and around new people but they have helped him as an individual and now he is more open around them. We enjoy looking at his Tapestry file and are always updating for his teachers to see too. He always comes home and tells me he's had a good day and never once had a bad day. All the teachers are amazing and never go without smiling. He's currently singing the Christmas song 'Christmas Pudding' and he just bursts with pride knowing he knows the whole song thanks to Abacus. I could never put into words how lovely the staff really are, they are simply the best!

Both our boys attend the pre school and they absolutely love it. We've seen huge improvements with their vocabulary, counting and interactions with other children. The staff are fantastic so friendly and helpful. Cannot say enough good things about this pre school.

My son started to attend pre school in March this year just after his 2nd birthday. He was very attached to me and didn't like it when i left him alone. His speech wasn't good and it did need to be improved. The abacus team have been brilliant with my son. Since March he has made friends for life, he loves going 3 times a week and would go more if he could. He can now tell me on a daily basis and everyday what they do something different which he loves. I personally love the pre school and the staff are always happy to see my son and also greet us as soon as they see us. They keep us informed through the newsletter and texts with upcoming events.

Very helping, polite and caring staff. My daughter really enjoys her session. Very tidy and organised place. Even I enjoy my visits to Abacus preschool. 

I just wanted to give some feedback on my child's time so far at Abacus.

He started back in January 2015 at 2 years old. I have to say that it has been noted by myself and other parents that their has been many improvements made during that time. The setting as a whole has evolved, the garden area is beautiful and inside I feel there is more structure to classroom with various areas for the children to learn and play together. 
The interaction between the staff is a joy to see, you can sense their bond as a team. His key worker has a wealth of knowledge and has always made herself available to speak to when I have had questions or asked for advice.
It's a wonderful feeling to know that when I drop my child off at preschool he is going somewhere that he and I feel he is safe and secure. 
He regularly talks about his day and his "ladies" as he lovingly refers to them. I know that his developmental needs are not only being met but excelled in a way that I wouldn't be able to do myself.
We have conversations about the topics he learns at school, ranging from healthy eating and exercise, to safety, the workplace, relationships with friends to animals and plants. Also his numerical skills and literacy awareness are impressive. 
I have been given access to Tapestry which is a wonderful addition and gives me the opportunity to feel part of his preschool experience. 
The staff arrange excursions and events throughout the year within the school and with the local community. The local businesses and emergency services are often involved and there is a real awareness of what Abacus are striving for and achieving with their children.
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.
Kind regards 

Me and my husband would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the other ladies for all you have done with my child over the last few months. She loves going to pre-school and gets so excited in the morning when i tell her she is going to pre-school today.

The Woodland Activities is a lovely opportunity, and we are hoping to join the next planned event, and many more to come as and when possible.

We are very happy as parents that our son is happy at the pre school and enjoys coming to school.
My child has made fantastic progress at Abacus, my sincerest thanks to all involved. He is loving school the more he goes and every day comes home with a great story whether it be about activities, friends or teachers he always has a good day and I have noticed a great increase in his skills. thank you all.

My child has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at pre school, and has happily gone in each time smiling and come back out smiling too.

We very much enjoy the observations documented - they are lovely to see and read any comments made.

My child really has enjoyed his time at pre school so far, so thank you for making it so enjoyable for him.

My Child always has a good time at pre school and has made good relationships with children and staff.

All the staff are very friendly and seem to know my son well. My son is happy to go to Abacus.

My son is so happy to come to preschool. He really enjoys himself.

My Child has been attending Abacus @ Baileys Court and he loves being there.

I think the different activities the children have access to and the variety of them is outstanding. My child does always look forward to coming to pre school.

I've been really looking forward to coming into pre-school to have an opportunity to see our son playing with his friends,to observe his learning and watch his social/interactive skills outside of his own environment. He has settled really well and I'm so proud of him, there are lots of toys and areas of learning to keep him entertained and I could see first hand how much he is enjoying his time at pre-school! Well done all and thank you for inviting us to stay and play.

I've had a lovely time at Stay and Play, it was great to see my son partake in a range of activities that he was clearly enjoying. Thanks for the opportunity!

I enjoyed the very well organized Stay and Play sessions, great to see our child with the other children and the different activities the children engage in! Many thanks

My son joined Abacus at Filton, he had a speech delay and separation anxiety. The staff were so supportive and settled him in well. Amanda (manager) supported my son and I to get on the right path, she was able to gain extra support and assessment leading to a diagnosis of Autism.

The staff went above and beyond to help my son.

He started in Reception in September 2014 and the transition for my son was amazing, he knew all of his teachers and lots of the children due to working in partnership with the school and preparing him.

We were sad to say goodbye to Amanda and the girls and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pre-school. Thanks again Abacus

Both my children have attended Abacus since the age of 2 and a half years old. I am very impressed at how easily they have settled into the routine and all of the staff have played a key role in this.

Staff are friendly and approachable and always have time to discuss and concerns we may have.

I love the fact there is a wide choice of activities on offer but also the children develop listening skills to prepare them for when they start school.

A big thank you to all the Abacus Filton Hill Team. We come from France and it wasn't easy for our daughter to find her place. Abacus manage to do it and now she is more confident. She is really happy to come everyday........... and she understands both languages (English and French)

Thank you for the care attention and the activities provided, Cheers a happy mummy!